Sunday, 19 August 2007

The Mighty Aphrodite

More on history - I am just lovin' this....

Has anyone been to see the statue of Aphrodite in California's Getty Museum?

At 2,400 year old, and over 7 foot tall, she epitomizes the voluptuousness of womanhood, despite having a chipped nose and being bald - well we all have our off-days!

This plus-sized goddess of love and queen of the heavens, makes it reassuring to think that the larger size was worshiped at one time in our history. In fact it was because of her size, and the strength it gave her, that made her a goddess.

But looking at her it has suddenly struck me! This lady is one clever cookie. The loose, billowing toga she is adorned in would never create a muffin top, or saddle bag thighs, and there would be no need to ask does my bum look big in this.

So anyone looking how to make a toga who is worried about being overweight, fear not, just look at the Mighty Aphrodite for inspiration.

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