Monday, 24 October 2011

How To Make A Toga - Part 1

This is the first stage in how to make a toga.

These instructions are for the Toga Praetexta. Terry will be impressed. I have chosen this one as it is quite an easy shape to reproduce and also hangs very nicely.

Size Of Fabric
So let's start by deciding upon how much fabric is required. This depends upon your height. Simply put, the width of fabric should be the same as your height, with the length of fabric being about 3 to 4 times your height.

Type of Material
Please, please, please do not use a bed sheet. For one, it is more expensive than buying normal fabric, and secondly, there is generally not enough fabric in a sheet to make a decent looking toga and it certainly will not hang well!

If you were literally invited to a toga party seconds before it was due to start - then OK maybe as a last resort, but you can also consider other more suitable fabric material you may have lying around your house such as old curtain material.

So what fabric should you use?

Well as you know from reading this blog, traditionally the fabric was wool, but as I have mentioned previously - hot, sweaty - not a good look! Try to get a fabric that has a cotton blend and is medium weight. You should resist getting anything too light that flies up easily (for obvious reasons - I have had enough blushes for us all in that department!) or too heavy that restricts ease of movement and were you will spend all you time at the party having to sit down and take a breather!

I know that I and many of my friends find furnishing fabric the most suitable. This is because is is available in the larger sizes required to make a decent toga, whereas dress fabric tends to be too small.

When it comes to color - the choice it really up to you. Go to my 'Toga Variations' blog post and follow the ideas there if you are after an authentic look, otherwise you can be as creative as you like! Keep reading this blog for ideas.

Post Purchase
Once you have your fabric then it is a good idea to wash it separately prior to any sewing, ensuring you follow manufacturer's instructions. Wash any trims that you decide to sew onto the toga, prior to sewing also, so that when you wash your toga in the future, there will be no color runs between the two.

Read on for How To Make A Toga - Part 2

Sunday, 23 October 2011

How To Make A Toga - Part 2

OK this is now the most difficult part but try to stick with it. If you follow these instructions you will end up with a great looking toga. Yes you can cut corners, and I will in another post, show you how to make a quick and easy toga, but believe me it won’t look as good.

In part 1, we went through dimensions identifying that the longest part of the material had to be 3 to 4 times your height and the width your height.

Mark out the midpoint of your material using tailors chalk. To re-iterate, this midpoint should be as wide as you are tall. Then, with your
tailors chalk
, try and mark out a rough semi-circle. Cut this shape out using scissors then hem the fabric.

To hem the fabric, turn the raw edges over about 1cm so that they rest on what is to be the inside of the toga and pin in place with dress maker pins. Iron along the fold. Repeat this process again, folding another 1 cm of fabric, so that you can no longer see the raw edge. Sew the hem using matching thread, either by hand (the 's' word again, a nightmare!) or using a sewing machine. Alternatively, and this is my cheats no-sew way, you can use some no sew hemming tape This is fabulous stuff, a total god-send, especially if you hate sewing like me! You should should end up with something that looks like this (but probably better, my drawing isn't all it should be!)

It is entirely up to you what you wear underneath your toga. The Romans opted for a tunic as bare shoulders were not considered appropriate, but a t-shirt underneath should suffice, or for the very brave, nothing! Well commando style is sure to liven any party up a bit!

Now move on to How To Make A Toga - Part 3

Saturday, 22 October 2011

How To Make A Toga - Part 3

Part 3 of how to make a toga is all about how to tie a toga now that you have your material is sorted so here goes.

Don't forget you can always wear a t-shirt or tunic or nothing underneath if you desire!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Aphrodite Kylie Rocks!

Photo: Michelle Smith
Here's Kylie Minogue looking toga-tastic in Australia for the opening leg of her Aphrodite Les Foiles World Tour.

What a toga outfit! Who could not fail to be impressed with this Goddess of Love!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

How To Make A Sexy Toga

Women's Toga Costume - Pink & White

I am lovin' this uber-sexy woman's toga costume - it's one of my favorites, especially teamed with the gold accessories. The costume comes with the gold belt already so saves having to trawl the stores for one. To complete the outfit, get the sandals - totally fab!

Women's Gold Gladiator Sandal

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Don't Mention Baklava - I Am On A Diet!

I came across a great article by Eliot Kamenitz from the Times-Picayune. Apparently Sunday May 29, 2011 was the last day of the Greek Festival held at the local Hellenic Cultural Center. Food, wine, games and music flowed in abundance, and those that dressed in toga's for the occasion got in for free.

This guy certainly looked like he was enjoying himself, and getting into the part. I am feeling inspired by his headgear, though wish he hadn't mentioned baklava - I have just started my diet for summer!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Socrates Is Back On Trial!

Yes you heard it right - Socrates, the 2000 year old Greek philosopher, has gone back to court in Manhattan's Federal Courthouse.

Defense attorney Benjamin Brafman, better known for representing IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was defending corruption charges levied against this larger than life Athenian, who was sentenced to death in 399 B.C.

Socrates was charged with failing to honor the god's, and causing a youth rebel uprising.

Sadly, it was reported than no-one wore a toga to Court!