Saturday, 13 October 2007

How To Make A Toga - Part 4 - The Trim

OK so you now have your toga all sewn up (geddit!!!). But if you have gone for a plain material you may be thinking that it looks well, erm, rather plain. So how about adding a trim?The trim can be in any color you like, perhaps you may opt for something that matches the color your toga material, or something that is in keeping with Roman tradition (see the post Adding Colored Trims). You will need to join and hem the strip so that it forms one long continuous strip first before anything else.

So now comes the question of where to place it? Well it can go along the straight edge or the curved edge. Historically, and according to Terry (yawn!) the trim went definitely went along the straight edge but it is uncertain whether it was ever placed around the curve - but believe me if you do decide to position the trim along the curved edge it really looks great!

So here's what to do.

1) Lay your toga flat and start pinning the trim along the length of the toga, starting from one corner. You must keep measuring the position of the trim, using a tape measure, so that the trim is the same distance from the edge of the toga all the way along. If you decide to add the trim to the curved edge, and hey I am not saying this is easy, then you may need to create small tucks on the inner edge of the trim as you go along.

2) Once you have pinned the trim then you will either need to sew it on, using a basic hemming stitch or using a sewing machine. Try and use an appropriate colored cotton so that the stitches do not look too obvious. Or cheat like I do and use hemming tape!

So there it to make a toga trim!