Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Has Terry Swallowed A History Book?

The guy has gone quite mad!

But I promised him I would relay the information here - so sorry if it's becoming boring - its not meant too...I am trying to stimulate the creative juices - both yours and mine!

So here it is....

Did you know that the colors of toga’s worn in ancient times discriminated between classes and professions?

There was only one sombre color allowed for peasants.
Officers were permitted to have 2 colors.
Clan commanders generally wore 3 colors.
The Imperial household could wear up to 7 colors.
Plain white was the color of choice of soothsayers.
Black was worn by theologians.
Philosphers kept to blue.
Green was the color of choice of medical practitioners.

Have a think what is most appropriate to you, and the theme of your toga party, when deciding on your fabric color and how to make your toga.

Alternatively do what I will probably end up doing - dispense with tradition and make your toga one that everyone will remember!

Ooops sorry Terry...

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