Monday, 20 August 2007

Terry's History Lesson 2 - Toga Variations

Did You Know That Toga’s Came in Different Varieties?

Terry is off on a history lecture again - and I am sitting here helpless -all I can do is listen -I knew I should never have shown any interest in the subject. He is always so enthusiastic about everything. He is annoyingly perfect.

I have to admit that the information is quite interesting, especially for anyone about to embark on learning how to make a toga, as it gives examples of the many varieties of toga designs there were during the Roman Empire, and how each one was used. This can be a great source of inspiration if you are stuck for toga ideas. So here goes:

Toga pulla.Translated to mean dark toga this was often used by those in mourning, during a protest, or to signify times of angst or danger and was made from black wool.

Toga picta/toga palmata.This is the ‘posh’ variety of toga. Purple with gold embroidery and highly embellished, it was worn by generals during victory celebrations or parades. It was also worn by consuls, magistrates during gladiatorial games, and the emperor on special occasions.

Toga virilis/toga pura.Sported by most Roman men from the age of fourteen (coming of age) onwards this all white toga was used for special occasions. It was the same off-white color as the toga praetexta, but had no distinguishing marks like the toga praetexta's purple stripe.

Toga Sordida.When a toga virilis got dirty, it was considered a toga sordida, and was generally only worn by poor people who could not afford to maintain their toga. The title of the group of people who wore togae sordidae is sordidati.

Toga trabea.These came as 3 distinct types, all purple for the gods, purple and white for kings, scarlet stripes with purple hem for augurs.

Toga praetexta.This was a white toga having a wide purple stripe to its border. It was usually worn by adolescent boys, priests, kings and magistrates.

Toga candida.This all-white toga, bleached by chalk, was worn for public office.


shrus6291 said...

Good one with the history lessons, but pictures would be nice, either links or embedded!

shrus6291 said...

Great post but pictures for each type of toga will be helpful, whether with links or embedded!